Consultancy & Manpower Services

We have a wide pool of experienced maritime professionals who will be able to provide services ranging from flag registration, crafting of shipboard manuals, third party ship management and vessel registration, computer and bridge repair and maintenance, cleaning services. We are also able to provide short term placements for Master Mariner, Chief Engineer and Superintendent as and when needed.

Consultancy Services

• We provide consultants for:

  • Flag registration, e.g. Malaysia, Singapore and Panama flag
  • ISM, ISPS, DOC, SMC, ISSC & shipboard manual preparation for third party vessel management
  • Ballast Water Management Manual preparation
  • SOPEP Manual preparation
  • SSP Manual preparation
  • SOLAS Training Manual preparation
Short-term Maritime Manpower Services

• Provide superintendent, DPA, CSO, QI and owner representative, independent director for third party ship management and vessel registration services.

• Provide ICT consultants and repairer for vessel computer and bridge equipment

• Provide superintendent for bulk carrier cargo hold cleaning

• Provide superintendent for oil tanker cargo oil tank cleaning

• Provide short term placement for Master Mariner, Chief Engineer and Superintendent, Salvage Master as and when required

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