About Us

RTBS is a marine outsourcing company incorporated since 2009 by Dato’ Capt. Thum Ban Shii, who believes in the importance of providing quality onshore and offshore outsourcing services to help our clients to leverage their fixed overhead cost in tough environments.

Our clients

High standards of service delivered with speed and precision by an experienced team of marine professionals have helped us to establish a wide base of clients including major marine surveying firms, shipyards and Singapore Government Statutory Boards.

Our range of services

Depending on our clients’ needs, we can offer operation and technical outsourcing services for marine survey firms, shipyards and international ship management companies.

Our team will fully represent our principal with no difference as that of their in-house personnel. Our team will also carry our clients’ name card, communicate on our clients’ assigned corporate email and wear designated clients’ uniform while carrying out the job scope as designated by our clients.

Our clients will only need to pay as and when they need our personnel only. Our team offers not only a diverse range and depth of technical skills and expertise, but also an awareness of the cultures, customs and sensitivities of the countries worldwide.

We will provide the professional services you expect with a personal touch. We keep our clients informed immediately on all major developments and we issue complete, factual and unambiguous reports promptly.